How To Test If You have Reached Ketosis

30 May

Ketosis is a metabolic practice where your body does not have the required glucose and your body turns to burn the stored foods. This further will lead to the creating of acids referred to as ketones in your body. Some are motivated to reach this state by following a ketogenic diet with the aim of losing unwanted body fats. There is the need to know if you have reached the ketosis or not so that you do not go to the extreme end as it can be dangerous. You can know if you have reached the state by looking at the symptoms or even by testing yourself. This is as discussed below.

What you need to know that when you follow the given procedures of using your green meals, you will be able to reach the state within the first week. The first thing that you will realize is that you are having an easy time when you are taking your diet. At first, you will be feeling hungry but with time the craving reduces. Other possible signs are to feel that you have more energy to do things. The way you start to feel when you are breathing also is a notable change. You will find that you start to feel that your breath is sweeter than earlier on.

The other thing that you can do is to test yourself using the keto strips. This will only happen when you are having doubts about the symptoms. You can use some small keto strips that will test for ketones in your urine and you will be able to know if you have reached the state. All you have to do is to buy the sticks and urinate on the end, wait for a few minutes as advised and you will see the results. What happens is that the strips will turn the color and when you get the color you are directed to look for, then you will know your state. Look for the best pharmacy where you will be able to buy the strips for a good amount.

Sometimes the keto strips will not show any changes in color. This really worries a lot of people but there are few things you need to understand. It is important you get to know that it could be possible that there are no ketones in your urine and this calls for you to check n later. The other thing that can happen is when you are drinking so much water and the urine is so dilute.

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