Healthy Living Tips

30 Apr

A healthy life is a guarantee of happiness. You should always be concerned about the health of your life. Health is a complex topic, and each one should learn to understand what it entails. This broad topic touches on issues to do with your daily physical activities you do, the kind of food you take and how you take it, the kind of life you are living and also the type of job you do. In this article, we will be selective and deal with the health in the line of what type of food you feed on and how you do it. For more information about your health and your food go through the following context below.

We all know that our body uses energy from the food we eat. There are various types of foods which human beings take in. These foods are categorized as the carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and fats. Let me break down each type of food into finer details and its role in the body and health. To start with the carbohydrates. These foods are also known as the body energy-giving foods. They include the whole grain cereals like maize, wheat, barley among others. These foods are the main sources of energy for the body. For healthy living, your body requires carbohydrates which give it the energy to be used by the cells. Muscles of the body responsible for movement require energy to do that. The other type of food is the proteins. These foods are also known as the body-building foods. Some examples of such foods are the eggs and meat. For our body to grow healthy, it needs the proteins which are responsible for cell and tissue growth. Protein is needed in small quantities in the body, not like the carbohydrates. When you take in a lot of proteins, your body picks and uses the only needed quantity, and the other proteins are converted to glycogen and stored in the liver for future use.

Vitamins and fats are the last types of foods which are also essentially needed by the body for healthy growth. Vitamins include the green and leafy vegetables such as the kales, cabbages among others. Also, fruits are in the class of the vitamins. Some fruits like oranges, papaws, oranges among others are good sources of vitamins to the body. The vitamins are also known as the protective foods. They maintain the health status of the body and enable the body to fight against diseases and other infections. Lastly, the fats are taken into the body with other foods and be measured using keto strips. The body essentially requires low amounts of fats, and it stores the excess fats in the liver for future use. When the body is drained of energy, it converts the fats into glucose for energy through a process called the ketosis and this needs keto strips to be measured accurately.

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